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Our Servicing Top Tips

Remove Bindings

DO NOT Leave bindings on. Always remove your bindings else you will be left with dimples in your base. Not good!

Edge First, Wax Second

Always edges first then wax, avoiding ruining your wax job with the base and edge tool

No Smoking

Don’t allow the wax to smoke. The fumes of “Fluro Waxes” are seriously not good! Our SST wax does not contain Fluro so it is fine. Your iron should be just hot enough to melt the wax.

Minimal Base Cleaner

We would always recommend a Hot Wax Scrape over Base Cleaner when servicing, unless you need to do a p-tex repair.

Don't Stop

Leaving the Iron in one place too long, warp the core and delaminates your gear

Take Your Time

Leave the wax on as long as possible, we recommend 24 hours at room temp or at minimum 20 – 30 mins to allow the wax to cool and set

Too Much

Putting too much wax on, there is no point in wasting wax, you only need enough to inpregnate the base. A good iron helps with this

Tip to Tail

Always work Tip to Tail when possible

Don't Be Lazy

Not scraping all the wax off. Don’t be lazy here, the more wax you scrape off the less you have too polish

Elbow Grease

Buff, Polish, Buff, Polish Buff, Polish, Buff, Polish, Buff, Polish


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