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Ski Snowboard Tuning Base & Wax Tuning Kit - 2 x Universal Coconut Wax

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Kit Includes:

Ski Snowboard Tuning Base, Tool & Top Sheet Cleaner 50ml

It is essential to wax onto a base that is clean from grease, dirt and old wax, otherwise your new wax will not penetrate the base.

Non Toxic & Biodegradable environmentally friendly product as a vital part of your Ski or Snowboard Preparation.

Brilliant at cleaning waxed up tools..

SST Rub-Rag Towel

That old rag you always need when servicing. Rubbing down your equipment and tools

2 X  Coconut Universal All Temp Wax (Iron On)

Ideal for All Snow Types and Temperatures. It is the perfect wax for every situation, on or off piste, race training or in the park. Designed with special additives to make the wax extra long lasting with great slide. Easy to apply

Iron on Temperature 110 c

SST Acrylic Scraper

The Perfect tool for scraping your Skis or Snowboard after waxing, it can be re-sharpened using a flat file.

6 Pack - Cleaning & Polishing Pads

One of the most essential bits of the kit, Various Grades to help clean & polish your kit - Guide Included

Top Tip: Cut them up to get maximum use. & the more effort here, will bring better results.

2 x P-Tex Base Repair Burning Candles

1 Clear & 1 Black P-Tex repair drip candles providing plenty of base repair material to repair your base.

Metal Scraper

Required for scarping of excess p-tex repair & great for blobbing p-tex (p-tex does not stick to metal)

Diamond Edge File - Essential for removing burrs & rust from edges

Information Guide and Tech Sheet with Wax Melting Temperatures included

And don't forget we have video guides on all our kits, please check them out and leave a comment.