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Ski Snowboard Tuning Side Edge Tuner File Tool

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  • Ski Snowboard Tuning Side Edge Tuner File Tool 
  • Multi Angle Options 90, 89, 88, 87 Degrees 0, 1, 2, 3
  •  One of the easiest and most durable Ski & Snowboard Side Edge Files around, a must in any technicians tuning kit
  • The perfect tool to keep the edge angle of your skis or snowboard tuned and rust free.

Top Tips:

Whist this tool is only designed for side edges, and not for base edges. We would recommend running a gentle file on your base edges, ultimately it's your side edge angle that controls the bite of the snow.

How sharp your edges make a big difference to how well your skis or board will cut into the snow. Edges that are sharp and smooth will have less resistance and cut into the snow better giving you more edge control.

Only sharpen contact point to contact point for ultimate control.

The greater the side angle the more the edge will cut into the snow (hard snow) giving you more edge grip. The sharper the edge angle the more frequent maintenance is needed.

A Clean sharp edge means a nice fast ride!