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Ski Snowboard Tuning Base Repair Kit

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Everything needed to repair and maintain your base

Kit Includes:

Ski Snowboard Tuning Base, Tool & Top Sheet Cleaner 50ml

It is essential to wax onto a base that is clean from grease, dirt and old wax, otherwise your new wax will not penetrate the base.

Non Toxic & Biodegradable environmentally friendly product as a vital part of your Ski or Snowboard Preparation.

Brilliant at cleaning waxed up tools..

SST Rub-Rag Towel

That old rag you always need when servicing. Rubbing down your equipment and tools

6 Pack - Cleaning & Polishing Pads

One of the most essential bits of the kit, Various Grades to help clean & polish your kit - Guide Included

Top Tip: Cut them up to get maximum use. & the more effort here, will bring better results.

10 x P-Tex Base Repair Burning Candles

5 Clear & 5 Black P-Tex repair drip candles providing plenty of base repair material to repair your base.

Metal Scraper

Required for scarping of excess p-tex repair & great for blobbing p-tex (p-tex does not stick to metal)

Diamond Edge File - Essential for removing burrs & rust from edges

Information Guide and Tech Sheet with Wax Melting Temperatures included

And don't forget we have video guides on all our kits, please check them out and leave a comment.