Ski Snowboard Tuning Wax Iron 220V


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Product Description

You likely spent a pile of money on your skis or snowboard so don’t run the risk of damaging them with a cheap iron. Precise temperature control of the base plate is vital for 2 reasons.

If your iron is too hot it can permanently melt the base of your board or skis and you also run the risk of your gear de-laming due to the glue melting

Different types of waxes (eg Cold,Warm,Universal Wax) melt at different temperatures. The iron needs to be at a specific temperature to ensure the wax melts correctly (and doesn’t burn / smoke) also ensuring the wax is spread evenly and absorbs into the base properly.

European plug fitted supplied with a UK Adaptor 220V

The Ski Snowboard Tuning Wax Iron 220V

Temperature Range 100 Degrees C (212F) to 180 Degrees C (356F)

Heats Up Quickly

Easy Temperature Control

Dimples to help spread the wax

Compact Ergonomic Body for Easy Comfortable Waxing

6 Inches by 3.5 Inches Base Plate

One of the most simple & most effective irons we have ever used, we love this iron, heats up fast,  the beveled edges make moving the iron up and down your base so easily, the dimples stoping suction and helping to spread the wax, the perfect size to make waxing quicker feels great in your hands thus leaving you to have a most enjoyable waxing session.

Wax Ironing Tips:

Set the temperature low enough to melt the wax but not to much so the wax smokes. Make sure the iron never touches any dry base,

Spread the wax evenly with a low to medium pressure, be patient go slowly but constantly moving, never stop in one place on the base.