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Qty 5 Clear P-Tex Candles Ski & Snowboard Base Repair Sticks 12mm


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Product Description

Keep your bases in perfect condition.

Just light up and drip on to scratches on the base.

Black candles are for repairing black base graphics. Clear candles are for repairing clear or coloured base graphics.

To use the repair candles you need the base to be dry and at room temperature.

Lie the metal scraper down across the base next to the damaged area. Holding the repair candle directly above the scraper light the end of the candle.

Be careful of the drips, this is molten plastic – it is VERY HOT! So ensure that you don’t allow the drips to hit you or anyone else.

Be careful when blowing it out as it may spatter.

Allowing it to drip onto the scraper until the flame is blue, this means there is no carbon in the drips and will give a better repair. Move the candle over the repair height, holding it as close as you can to the base, allow the candle to drip into the hole filling it with the molten ‘P-Tex’.

Overfill the repair site so that there is a visible excess sitting proud.

Allow the repair to cool for as long as possible, but at least 1 hour.

Then use your metal scraper to carefully scrape off the excess to leave a smooth finish.

Repeat the whole process if the hole to be repaired is large or deep to ensure a good finish